It has begun…

by Webmaster on March 3, 2011

It has begun...

  • Richard

    Can’t wait. get your tickets people!

  • Frankiehm

    Can’t be there but will be avidly watching for everything and anything to do with The Passion.

  • Michael-Sheen

    Really want to be there. Unfortunately family commitments keep me away. I am sure it will be BRILLIANT!!!

  • Karena

    No idea what this is? Just here because of Michael Sheen’s suggestion…

  • Anonymous

    If you’d like to know more, sign up to email updates – on the right hand side of the page :)

  • Anonymous

    Subscribe to the site and you’ll find out more – on the right side of the page

  • Karena

    Done! :)

  • Ian

    Such a shame Michael
    We’ll really miss you!
    Any idea when you’ll be coming back?
    Ian Hickling
    Technical Director – XS Neath and Port Talbot

  • Al

    What has?

  • Ian

    What you can see in the picture.

  • Emay

    Life The Univers And Everything? Maybe?

  • Mongo Gushi

    Is that a pregnant lady underneath a star???

  • Daniella

    I dont think none of this is true tbh, this happend in 2004 the man prodidcted that the world was gonna end but it didnt see what happens in 2012, it might be right though cause the man prodicted that it was gonna turn bad in this other country and it did happen the place was destroyed :D !!

  • Ian

    I don’t think anyone is saying anything at all about The End of the World!
    Where did that idea come from?

  • Emay

    Don’t know sure looks like it though.

  • Cameron M

    Man what are you talking about, this is clearly not indicating the ‘Apocalypse’ or anything.

  • Cameron M

    This is looking Awesome so far! It can only get better!

  • rhiannahughesxo

    It’s about michael sheen’s new project film ‘Passion’. There’s also now MISSING posters with Michael Sheen on them :)

  • Michael Sheen’s The Passion – the Transmedia dimension

    [...] graffiti artists, video and design teams to create real world resources such as fake news stories, graffiti, branding for “the company”, photos and videos of the missing man being spotted around [...]

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