Radio story about missing man

by Lee on March 22, 2011

News report Missing Man by XS FM

Further to yesterday’s TV report, XS FM carried this report about the School Teacher’s disappearance today. Police are appealing for information on where or why the man might have disappeared. Please call 07927 935215.

  • Fraser

    The estimated total number of missing incidents recorded by the police in 2009/10 was approximately 356,000. This means that police in Britain record about 1,000 missing reports every day. In South Wales alone 6408 incidents were reported in 2009/10 with around 18 people going missing every single day.

  • Michael-Sheen

    May I urge you all the call the number, it could be very helpful…

  • Jayne Elizabeth Williams

    may i urge you all the call the number? did u mean TO call the number or is it cryptic? x

  • Fraser

    The number seems to be genuine and a place to leave information about the missing man…

  • Nicole

    Why does this seem like bull?

  • Norma_jones

    Well done, totally blown away by this atmospheric production, how moving was the end.

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