School teacher spotted in school kids’ video?

by Webmaster on April 5, 2011

A group of school kids from Port Talbot has sent in a video clip they took while out messing about… when they looked through it they realised that there was a figure in the background of the clip.

The teenager behind the camera, who just wanted to be known by his first name, Dewi, said, “We were just messing around filming each other. I just got a new phone. I was looking at what I’d filmed later on at home before I deleted stuff and I saw this bloke in the background. Just thought he was a tramp or something going up the mountain. I kept it cos it was creepy like and I wanted to show my mates. Then when I saw that picture they brought out yesterday I thought it might be the same person. That missing teacher.”

  • Gwendalyn

    What is our missing school teacher carrying…’s a mystery… #NTW13 #THEPASSION #MICHAELSHEEN #SHEENIANSISTERS

  • Michael Sheen

    It certainly could be the missing teacher.

  • Falkon

    This is the perfect advert for more after school clubs and couldn’t it just be the guy who ones the feald?

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  • Eric you

    the teacher is jesus the son of god he lives in a world controlled by the icu or international controlled union where he was born.

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