ICU posters defaced in Port Talbot

by Fraser on April 10, 2011

A series of posters belonging to ICU Industries, the company behind so many jobs in the Port Talbot area, have been defaced and torn up in Port Talbot city centre. No one knows who the culprits are, but an ICU spokesman has said “we have our own ideas as to who the trouble makers are”.

The posters seem to have had a series of numbers scrawled on them, but we’re not sure what they could mean, if anything.

  • Mongo Gushi

    follow this link for more Passion info.

  • Michael Sheen

    Who is this mysterious corporation? And what is there interest in the missing school teacher?

  • Michael Sheen

    Look for the numbers

  • Memyselfandi

    I am not a number I am a free man :-)


    if you add all the numbers together you get 11702 or 11/7/02 which if you take the number as positions in the alphabet reads K.G.B !!!

  • Michael Sheen

    How very clever of you!

  • Anonymous

    but not right…

  • Bethanyyxx

    i.c.u… i see you…

  • Bethanyyxx

    Or, second of july 2011

  • Bethanyyxx

    or King Great Britain

  • Follower

    One man’s trouble maker is another man’s freedom fighter

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