Missing Man reappears at dawn for ritual on the beach

by Jenni on April 22, 2011

I’m beginning to think early morning walks aren’t the best idea. You see, I was out this morning and I decided to drop by the camp to see if anyone was home. Then I spotted this group of people coming out of the camp lead by the guy with the big stick from the CCTV footage! Well they walked down to the sea in this formation and just stood there waiting. Pretty soon an audience had gathered and not just on the beach all along the dunes  figures in white began to appear I don’t know maybe they were from the care homes? They just stood there like spectres!

Everyone seemed to be expecting something so when a dark figure staggered out of the camp I wasn’t too surprised but things got even weirder! The dark figure turned out to be the missing teacher, exhausted he collapsed onto the shoreline before getting undressed and wading out into the sea where the group performed some ritual on him, I don’t know like a baptism of sorts! They dunked him under the water then wrapped him in a blanket and carried him to the camp singing he is home!

I’m not sure what this was all about but it was definately out of the ordinary! I suppose this means there are two arrivals today, I think ICU would have a lot to say if they knew!

What’s going to happen next? ICU Industries spokesman is arriving on Aberavan beach at 3pm… should be interesting.

  • Mhoneybourne

    Hey, Has Terry Allan started a CULT? Is there any booze involved?

    M. Honeybourne.

  • http://twitter.com/K4Kaz Kaz Wright

    Is this being streamed, if it is could someone give me a link please?

  • Thellloyd-bakers

    Wish this was on tv. Such a fantastic event but it is not reaching the amount of people that all this work deserves.

  • Follower

    This Baptist looks like an imposing figure. Yet the one with him seems somewhow greater than him. Could it be The Teacher returned?

  • Anonymous

    Just wanted to say thanks for permission to use the video, we’ve embedded it on WalesOnline here: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/showbiz-and-lifestyle/arts-in-wales/2011/04/22/michael-sheen-s-take-on-the-passion-draws-huge-crowds-in-port-talbot-91466-28569400/

    You’ve been providing some excellent coverage of The Passion, keep it up!

  • http://twitter.com/mongogushi Mongo Gushi

    Fantastic start to the day!

  • Rhyswatkins

    Beautiful scenes of being baptised. This man is not ordinary. Look after him.

  • http://www.buzzmag.co.uk/reviews/the-passion-stage-review/ THE PASSION | STAGE REVIEW | Buzz Magazine

    [...] and graveyards – and involved a cast of 14 strong core members and 1000 local volunteers. At 5.30am a word-of-mouth audience gathered on Aberavon Beach to watch a dawn baptism. By 3pm 6000 revellers including Sheen’s girlfriend Rachel McAdams were gathered on the [...]

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