Photos and news from ICU announcement at the Civic Centre

by Jenni on April 22, 2011

You know something always struck me as odd with ICU they always had some idea about what was good for the town but never seemed to be in the town. I never, never thought that they would be capable of such monstrosity, such suffering.

After being secretly filmed Mr. Company Man told the crowd of hundreds their planns to evict the town and lay it o waste in their ‘Passover Project.’ If that wasn’t horror enough they then had the guts to get up on that podium and lie point blank to our faces giving us some company rubbish about the project being a new hope for the town. Not that the crowd was having any of it! Not after the revelation that the town was worth more without it’s people!

Personally learning all this from some empty corporate man was nothing, and I mean nothing compared to seeing fellow towns people, friends, neighbours being thrown from their own house then dragged through the crowd. Making an example of innocent good people doesn’t sit well with me, nor it appears with the rest of the crowd!

Suddenly the crowd emerged from it’s stunned silence and heckles and cries fo resistance rent the air. None though louder than the shot of the gun from ICU hired goons. Again silence dropped on the crowd who struggled to come to terms with the horror. The victim though a young woman was not going to be forgotten out of nowhere a shrine started to appear. Flowers, teddies, photos all clung to the cold fence. Showing that we are a town that refuses to give up without a fight, a town that is held together by strong community bonds, a town that in the moment of sheer panic will group together to defend each other and the town!

The teacher was there too hiding in the shadows emerging when the going gets tough and supporting anyone who needs him, always listening. Perhaps we should listen to him, perhaps he can help us?

  • ElizR

    OMG – woman shot for speaking her mind and telling the truth. It was a hell of a shock to witness but the shrine and vigil was very moving. If it carries on like this I will be an emotionally drained by Sunday night!

  • Gwendalyn

    Our sweet teacher does not hide in the shadows he is balanced within the Grey. Our sweet teacher can only show us through his actions what is possible when we choose Light, Love and PASSION. It is up to each of us to rise and be responsible for our own futures and have compassion for those who have been submerged in the depths of the “black wave”. Shine sweet teacher, shine. Be brave people of Port Talbot. Light, Love and PASSION is sent from afar…..

  • Rhyswatkins

    If they can shoot a young girl in cold blood then life is nothing to them. They will get the teacher. We need to find him before they get to him.

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