Port Talbot puts on a show for ICU representative

by Kym on April 22, 2011

All the stops were pulled out this afternoon as a representative of ICU Industries arrived on Aberavon beach for a major reception with local dignitaries, youth groups, choirs, a gymnastics display, amateur dramatics, a brass band and other entertainments.

Things went a little crazy afterwards, but more on that later.

  • Follower

    Not a lot said by ICU representatives. Keeping their powder dry for later maybe? And why are the police so interested in anti-ICU leaflets? Let’s hope that the people’s welcome isn’t misplaced, eh?

  • ElizR

    In amongst the hype of ICU,the teacher calmed the distraught woman and gave her peace of mind and hope. It was a very moving scene that brought tears to my eyes and ran down my face.

  • Scotty
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