Storyteller tells a tale of the teacher

by Lee on April 22, 2011

The man seen nearly drowning the teacher turned up unexpectedly at the ICU Industries reception on Aberavon beach this afternoon, dragging a huge log and telling stories. At one point he clearly interrupted the planned proceedings, but dissapeared in the chaos that ensued.

We managed to capture a video of him telling a story about the teacher… what does the story mean?

  • Bethanyyxx

    the man said he hasn’t seen him since the ‘dunes incident’ but he baptized him this morning :/

  • interestedfriend

    This man represents John The Baptist

  • Mongo Gushi

    This man is amazing, brilliant casting. he kept popping up throughout the day. very intense character.

  • Gwendalyn

    The void of nothingness is all consuming. Enter the nothingness without expectation and with no fear. Like the Phoenix you shall rise to blaze a new trail upon your life path. Go deep and rise stronger! The “black wave” though it assails with mighty torrents can not obliterate your light and strength from your soul. The light you keep once you rise from the nothingness to share with yourself and the world. Be brave sweet teacher! Love and PASSION is sent from afar…..

  • Rhyswatkins

    Lovely poetry from the upside down town where the people must speak loud and clear to the stone deaf pillar deaf concrete deaf muffled ears of ICU.

  • Stephen Andrews9

    He also said he hadn’t seen him for 40 days – corresponds with the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness, following his baptism by John, but before his ministry begins.

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