Last night of the Seaside Social and Labour club

by Fraser on April 23, 2011

Seaside Social Club shuts it’s doors after tonight but not without a final goodbye. Special guests were invited to dine within the club including our school teacher and his growing group of followers.

Hundreds of local people gathered outside to watch the evenings entertainment supplied by Paul Potts, ‘house band’ -Manic Street Preachers- local band -Weird Naked Indian- and Iwan Rheon an upcoming musician who payed tribute to last nights shooting. This evening was just what the people of Port Talbot needed a pick me up after yesterday.

Things ended on a rather sour note though. Local heroes the Manic Street Preachers were dragged off stage and arrested by the ICU goons, causing a very bad reaction from the crowd.

  • Follower

    We must unite and put a stop to this! Stand up to ICU – they are not us, they are not our community.

  • PassionCrazy

    Have you read the latest on the numbers which appeared on the posters? Turns out they are a mobile number to the resistance. I’ve rang the number along with my friends and family to join them and help fight against ICU and the plague they are forcing on our town. We won’t stand for it any longer.

  • Michael Sheen’s The Passion of Port Talbot – the Transmedia dimension

    [...] was to take place at the Seaside Social and Labour Club in Port Talbot, which was to feature the Manic Street Preachers being arrested by ICU goons. He was, to say the least, a bit excited by this [...]

  • Anonymous

    Please be aware that the topic ”Seaside Social Club is closing it’s doors”…is not true this heading is part of the Passion and is purely fictitional.
    We as a club have no reason or intention of closing our doors as yet. Business is doing well and the members are well over a thousand. We are very grateful and proud to have been included in this. Thank you to Michael Sheen for all his hard work and the cast and crew for a great production, we are honoured to be part of it all….what a great idea and an inspired project that has brought the people of Port Talbot together.

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