Bust up after trial, Teacher beaten up, taken away

by Jenni on April 24, 2011

The Teacher was convicted this afternoon in a mockery of a trial, following his conviction he was dragged from the stage into the shopping centre where he was brutally beaten by ICU armed guards. This was broadcast live to the crowd outside who watched in absolute horror at the blooding inside.

Even the local police force who have been working alongside ICU were horrified by this monstrosity and left their positions severing their allegiance with ICU armed goons.

The horror ended when a bloodied, bruised and beaten teacher was dragged from the centre and thrown into a van wearing a crown of barbed steel -a final cruel dig at the one time ‘king’.

  • http://twitter.com/mariamuser maria m.

    So intense and touching…I’m crying…a great emotion!

  • BaglanSal

    Shame on you ICU!

  • ElizR

    We all stood back and allowed the ICU goons to take him away and beat him up – how easy it is to stand by and allow an in justice to happen.

  • Follower

    The signs were there but none of us chose to act. How easy it is to pass on th eother side. Shame on us all.

  • taylor

    great filming well done micheal it was brilliant your a legand

  • Martingriffiths

    The Passion was INCREDIBLE .It blew me away!



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