ICU convicts school teacher following trial farce – photos

by Jenni on April 24, 2011

Back at the civic centre a huge crowd gathered to see our ICU company man made another grand appearance, this time to make a mockery of the teacher and democracy. After dragging two men –the teacher and the beach bomber- onto the stage they were told to put forward an argument to the crowd who would ultimately ‘decide’ which of the two men would go free.

Calling upon a young girl from the crowd Mr Company Man decided that bribing the young girl with a happy family and lots of toys would be the best method to get his way. The guy didn’t even ask her which of the men she wanted to choose instead preferring to ask her if she ‘likes living with her family’ then somehow taking this to mean that she wanted to free Barry.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that the way democracy works in contemporary society anyway, the rich and powerful spin evrerything so that they get what they want!

  • Cameron Phillip Morris

    It was amazing. The ICU are twisted everything in their favour.

  • ElizR

    Yes they did but if we were asked the same questions – wouldn’t we say yes too! Very clever.

  • Scrappy

    Why isn’t there a video?

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