Teacher arrested after last supper with friends

by Antony on April 24, 2011

For a party that was meant to celebrate the many happy years of the seaside social club it seemed like it was going to end in blood. Strange people danced around the Teacher with fire while he spoke to his father perched on the roof.  If things could have got weirder no-one would be surprised!

But what none of us expected was the Teacher’s own followers to give him up to ICU resulting in his arrest, the crowd was livid almost baying for blood. I see ICU clear out when things don’t go their way I mean where was Mr. Company Man today?

  • ElizR

    Having befriended his followers and given them hope – how could they abandon and deny knowing him ? Surprised to hear the teacher had neglected his daughter though – is he as wholesome as we originally thought?

  • Up4funchat

    I cannot believe this meso-folk tale is still being retold. It’s as if the last 2000 years never happened.

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