The final hours of the Teacher – photos

by Caz on April 24, 2011

One word to describe today- indescribable. In the space of 8 hours one man’s life was spared, another condemned to death . That same man was beaten by enemies, cared for by friends, marched under a cross then strung upon it.

  • ElizR

    A truly unforgettable experience to have witnessed all the scenes over the weekend.An emotional rollercoaster for those watching but for those taking part ??? it must have been truly a wonderful experience that will stay with them forever. So proud of our town and the people who live in it and those that have moved away but their ‘heart is where the home is’.

  • JET

    When it was said that this was a resurrection of the Margarm Park Passion Play I like others thought great. However, this has nothing to do with the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ as told in the Gospels. It is about time Christians like our Muslim brothers stand up and defend our Faith…..such twisting of the TRUTH is lies and blasphemous.

  • Anonymous

    So? Forgive us.

  • ElizR

    Nobody said it was a resurrection of the Margam Passion play only that it inspired someone . The messages in the scenes over the weekend are just as inspiring.No matter the faith – it is about the kindness,caring of people in a town that without them would be heartless.

  • Caz

    Friends of mine are Christians, they thoroughly enjoyed the whole play. Yes it might not have been exactly like in the Bible but it brought the community together. When has Port Talbot ever been united like that? With Michael Sheen’s Passion he has created an interest in the orginal story, people will be reading the Bible now because their curiousity has been peeked. Look at the bigger picture. And as tombeardshaw said: forgive us.

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