The Teacher, the Cross.

by Antony on April 25, 2011

The Teacher ended his journey upon the cross at the Four Winds roundabout watched by thousands of his followers, who applauded him into the area after his gruelling journey with his cross.

Bloodied and battered he was raised up and left to die haunted by the memories he recovered just before his death. Bitter sweet, as was the news that ICU would be leaving the town for good, but only after the death of our Teacher.

It is finished.

  • Mazziemo

    OMG Thank you so much for the video of that time, words can’t express the emotions and feelings.

  • Susanhanbury

    Cor Serenata Ladies Choir along with Port Talbots Male Voice Choirs are singing at the end of this clip, it was a wonderful and emotional experience and we were very fortunate to be a part of such a awesome production, and yes Michael Sheen is fab, down to earth and very talented.xxxx

  • Sandra

    I´m so moved right now. The story, the images, the meaning, the so much meanings of it. Briliant and inspiring. I wish a could be there to experience all that emotions with all that crowd. My recognition to all town citizens involved in this beautiful project, specially to Michael Sheen who is by far the best performer I’ve ever seen. Recive a huge hugh from abroad. From Mexico with love.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Michael, like many others who grew up around the mountain.I have since left Port Talbot and share some of the happy and sad memories of this very special part of Wales

  • Sarahtickle

    Thankyou Michael, for bringing out the best in us once again. I am so proud to be part of this community and share this amazing time of community, culture and belonging with the people I love. An indescribably beautiful and moving weekend. Long may we uphold this spirit.

  • Hels_condon

    The reviews say it all….‎’I'm prepared to bet, that over the last three days, Port Talbot was one of the happiest places on Earth’

  • Davies60

    Absolutely incredible! It has made me so proud to be part of this town! The whole play was so moving! Thank you to Michael Sheen and all that took part for bringing us such a wonderful and memorable production!

  • Nigel Edward Jones

    It is finished. It has begun.
    This could well be a watershed for Port Talbot – a community moved may feel the need to continue the momentum.
    Take this spirit of community action forward.
    Michael Sheen, you are an inspiration.

  • A P Lewis

    is there any videos or pictures of the supper available?

  • Cherithst

    Top 10 Memories: 

    1. The actor and Port Talbot boy done good Michael Sheen:  a demonstration of acting skill,  humour,  purpose, stamina and integrity.
    2. The writing: Mr. Sheers a job well done.
    3. The actress who played the lead’s mother  - a superb and accurate representation of many a Port Talbot mother or grandmother.
    4. The music: friday evening at the civic centre and then saturday’s Manic Street Preachers set (the Richard Burton bit especially) all brilliant!
    5. The actor who played the MC in the social club (“who did your hair butt, the council!) – excellent.
    6.  The refreshing absence of  the health & safety brigade and also street sellers.
    7.  The locations, not all obvious choices but they all worked very well.
    8. The crowds general respect, participation and variety (not a typical theatre audience).
    5. The amazing weather.
    9. The video footage released on the http://www.port-talbot.con website which shows Michael Sheen conveying the lead’s (and I suspect his own) thoughts about Port Talbot (the wonderful mountains, beach, etc).


  • Anonymous
  • Susan Hanbury

    This was great illusion and done very speedily, no one expected this, realy

  • Mongo Gushi

    i can’t disagree with anything here, but i will add one.
    11. The dawn baptism on the beach, electrifying!!!

  • Giveusthemoney

    lets hope the people ,remember community counts.

  • Steve

    What a moving weekend Just blown away by the emotion for more pic’s

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