The Teacher’s Story

by Webmaster on April 25, 2011

Clues left in numbers scrawled on resistance graffiti lead Richard Pellow from Port Talbot to a phone number that helped him to contact the resistance in the week before ICU’s arrival. Aware that ICU security knew all of their members they managed to infiltrate Richard into the final meal at the Seaside Social and Labour club on saturday. While inside a member of the group close to the Teacher passed him an envelope. On the envelope the Teacher had written ‘please get this to my daughter.’

Richard Pellow passing the Teacher's video footage to his contact in

After the show Richard managed to pass it on to resistance contact in the team who found a USB memory stick inside the envelope.  Richard has shared the meaning of the numbers and what happened to him over the weekend in a comment on this site. We checked the memory stick and found that it was, indeed, from the Teacher – on it was video footage that the Teacher took during the forty days of his disappearance.

Our video editors have spent the day reassembling the footage in order to tell his story, and we are very pleased to be able to share this with you all now.

This film is dedicated to his daughter.

  • Mongo Gushi

    The last 3 days have been truly wonderful, but the thing is, it hasn’t just been the last 3 days, its been weeks of build up, curiosity being spiked by graffiti, news reports, posters, all the intrigue that has been born by things like this website, word of mouth, social media etc.
    If you weren’t involved in it you knew someone who was, and if you didn’t then you do now.
    I couldn’t be involved, but i sure got involved in recording it to keep and to share.
    This Experience, (i don’t know what else to call it) has strengthened what it was aiming to celebrate, and thats the people and the town.
    This will be talked about for a long time by a lot of people, not just in Port Talbot but everywhere there is a community of people who feel just outside everybody else’s radar.


  • Sandra

    Although this could be just a story of one man or one town it is not so. It is the story of many men, many towns, many contries all arround the globe who are in the same circumstances. Looking for a light in their lives, with apparently no perspectives, who are tired and despered. This story has so much value, adds a beam of faith, the very fuel that is beating in our souls. Once again, the answers to all questions allways are inside, iside ourselves, inside our community, inside our families. It only takes PASSION to bring out the very best of all of us.

    Thank you for spread it, thank you for share it. Thank you for transmit your PASSION.

  • ElizR

    Many thanks for this posting – great to see this message from the teacher, to hear what he had to say – so much that we take for granted about our town and the people in it. Treasure it all – who knows when it maybe taken from us.
    Many thanks for those that kept this site going.

  • Bethanyyxx

    why couldn’t he go home? x

  • Louise Scott 77

    The whole cast of this Amazing production needs to be applauded for the work they have out in over the last few weeks, from the clues around the town to the word of mouth of the wonderful people of this town and the town itself which Michael Sheen loves so dearly.

    It has brought together the whole community, people speaking to strangers on the street who would then become friends, people sharing stories of out town in it’s hey day.

    It has been a weekend that will never be forgotton by anyone living in Port Talbot and around the world.

    This weekend HISTORY has been made………………and the amazing people of our amazing town were part of it

    Thanks to all involved for what no words can really explain in was as written below an experience and a totally fantastic one at that

  • maria m.

    I was very involved with THE PASSION. I couldn’t otherwise pass the days of Easter. I thank the National Theatre of Wales and Michael Sheen for this great gift that gave me intense emotions…I cried a lot and I’m not ashamed, I’m a very sensitive person. Thanks to @Mongogushi and @tombeardshaw, they made me feel less far from Port Talbot. God bless MICHAEL SHEEN and his ART, he is an immense, touching and brilliant actor! Much love XXX

  • Sandra Evans

    I woke up this morning (Monday 25 April) and felt a bit in limbo. For the last 3 days my boyfriend and I have been engrossed with ‘The Passion’ – I just didnt want it to end. Like the people below, it’s been an ‘experience’ – one I will never forget. All the actors, directors, writers, production etc need applauding, it’s been amazing! To be a part of this is such a honour and I can’t wait for the movie. Well done to everyone connected to it, it’s been something I will treasure forever! x

  • Kerryjoshua

    ladies choir Cor Serenata sang the three days of the passion, and loved every bit of it, we also worked with musical director Claire Ingleheart for weeks leading up to it, it was wonderful for such a new choir to be so involved ,we also teamed up with cor miebion aberavon a few times, we did the same 2 songs throughout the weekend Sleep song and Aint no grave, 2 songs that will be etched in our memories forever, thank you claire, and thank you Mr Sheen, i for one woudnt have missed being in port talbot this weekend for all the tea in in china. FANTASTIC
    kerry joshua (choir coordinator)

  • Mark O’Leary

    I saw grown men and women cry, children both frightened and awestruck and strangers of all denominations engrossed. I remember Michael from many years ago as a driven but down to earth individual. Clearly nothing has changed. He is, after all, a Port talbot boy. Many of us already knew that Michael is one of the finest actors of his generation, now so do the rest, wherever they hail from. I am glad my two young daughters were present for this festival of emotive, artistic brilliance! Congratulations to all concerned. Especially to you Michael for sharing with your town, an experience that will rattle the columns under the M4 for many years to come. Oh, and just for reference, one of the men crying was me. Freeman of the town for Mr Sheen?

  • Memyselfandi

    Not sure what to do with myself now. I was so encaptured over the past few months. I just hope that this town will go on to bigger and better things and that we get back a Port Talbot not dissimilar to the ’60′s’ when the place was buzzing. I would just like to thank Michael and everyone else who were involved in this production… It’s a weekend I certainly will never forget!

  • BlownAway

    All I can say is WOW !

    The Passion totally blew me away.

    The build up, news reports of the missing man, the graffiti, the posters and the intrigue of the codes on them.
    Who masterminded the hype ? Hats off to you !!

    Then the play, not my type of thing I thought. Boy was my head turned around !

    And then I found this website, and it is Fantastic too !! (The photographs are truly outstanding – trust me I found ‘Wally’ a few times in the shopping center ones, but I was there for quite a while).

    The Passion of Port Talbot is something that I will never forget.

    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  • Mazziemo

    ooooooo that made me cry!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks :) You can find out more about the team behind the site on our about us page

  • simon

    I, like many I presume, who got on their bike and left Port Talbot in the 1980′s, remember the deep despair of the town.

    Its wretch from the familiar old town, works and community, to the re-development of the new, lauded by from those above, who were trusted to lead us to the promised land, in that they knew what they were doing, and we believed them with little resistance. All set jarringly against the back drop of the uncertainty of the new future that was being offered us- unemployment, poverty, social and political change, the future I remember, as a long and painful death.

    I am just a couple of years older than Michael Sheen, and empathise with the love and pride he obviously feels for the place of his birth. There is something in us all, from whatever town you come from in Wales, that comes to the fore when we describe to others the heart of our place, the events that have formed us as a community and as individuals, especially when we are far from home.

    I think this production of The Passion, from what I have seen from a distance, has caught the essence of the town and the people, and I would like to thank Michael Sheen, you, and all those involved in this fantastic event that you have delivered to the People of Port Talbot and the world.

    Watching the events unfold here in Denmark through the various media platforms, has filled me with admiration for all those involved. Unfortunately, I had to work through the Easter, but would have loved to have made the visit (pilgrimage). Just like my sister did with her family from Jersey. I suppose, I am like the many people who have contacted you, the dispersed families of the 80′s, the lost tribe of Port Talbot?

    What your production has reminded me is, (something I always know really), that home is where the heart is. Deep down inside, I am forged from the coal and steel of my forefathers, and it is to them that I owe my strength, and conviction in fairness, community, solidarity and all the things that make me who I am.

    I hope this is part of the ongoing re-birth of a much maligned people and place, and especially the younger generation who not so much need to remember, but to re-imagine the place where they live.

  • Paulinewhite33

    About time Michael Sheen is recognised for the fantastic actor he is.

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