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We’re a group of friends from Port Talbot who are into making videos, photographs and blogs. This is what we look like :)

From left to right:

  • Jenni (writer) is a student at Dyffryn school and is a keen writer. You can tweet Jenni at @jennid94
  • Joe (editor) is a film editor who makes documentary shorts and is based in Pontawdawe. You can get his films on Facebook
  • Antony (camera) is a film maker from Tornado Films, a company based in Port Talbot for last 9 years. You can find Antony on Twitter at @antony__smith
  • Cazz (photographer) is a photographer from Skewen and lives in Port Talbot at the moment. You can find Cazz on Twitter at @cazzelectrohead
  • Tom (producer) is a transmedia producer and photographer from Cardiff. He works with National Theatre Wales now and then and he’s on Twitter @tombeardshaw
  • Marc (editor) is a print, web and motion graphic designer from Cardiff. Check out his website and find him on Twitter @marcheatley.
  • James (director) is a theatre director from Cardiff and piano legend
  • Fraser (team co-ordinator) former software developer with a ‘passion’ for new media and viral marketing campaigns. Get him on Twitter at @fxm001
  • Lee  (camera) is a Port Talbot based film maker who gets a kick from making music videos. You can find him on Twitter at @lee_davies86
  • Kym (camera) is a filmmaker and Company Director of Red Cell Films – a distinctive independent production company – based in Bridgend, South Wales.
  • Sean (driver) is from Port Talbot and carries a desktop wherever he goes, shows videos to VIPs, encodes and edits footage and gets us out just in timel
  • http://twitter.com/mongogushi Mongo Gushi

    Are any of you on Twitter or Tumblr?

  • http://twitter.com/lee_davies86 Lee John Davies

    twitter.com/lee_davies86 x.

  • Spinball

    Just came to port-talbot.com after watching the awesome Michael Sheen on BBC Breakfast.
    I wanted to find out more information about The Passion over Easter weekend.
    What’s happening, when and where exactly is it happening etc.?
    Can’t find any information or any links to sites with that information.
    This was a missed opportunity, I think.

  • Clarke21767

    Have just clicked on here out of sheer curiosity after seeing the article on BBC Breakfast with Micheal Sheen, and looking thru the video clips u have o f the beach has triggered some wonderful memories spent there as a child. I only ever spent summers in Portalbot and on the beach as I have or did have a large family there on my mothers side, some of the are still there now but it must be 21 years since I was last there. The pictures were great to the the boating pool, where my cousin and i climbed the lighthouse, the paddling pool next to it, many happy times there, the Lido, the small shops along the prom where u could buy your pop and crisps when u spent the whole day at the beach, warm water and golden sands…….shocked at the video of how it is now, have the council issues intention of what they are doing or will it just slowly die alltogether….

  • http://twitter.com/mongogushi Mongo Gushi
  • Gilli

    Also watched Breakfast and am fascinated by such Community Theatre projects. Love the build-up about the missing teacher etc – but would like more information please ……

  • Purplegoddess

    me too!!

  • Mamaspizzas

    go to nationaltheatrewales.org /passion for more details.

  • Memyselfandi

    We now have ‘Telltubby hill’ as it’s fondly called which infact are just toilets. The council is slowly destroying Port Talbot but I still have the memories of how it used to be and maybe one day it will be like it again but I can’t see that happening during my lifetime :(

  • anon

    that site nationaltheatrewales.org still doesn’t give you full details of what is happening where and at what times. We were told that it would be leaving Rodericks Stone Masons and travelling down the back lanes of Tan-Y-Groes Street, but there’s nothing about that on the site at all !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://www.facebook.com/derwydd.communications Julian Snare

    Hi Guys I am just down the road in Ystradgynlais and have sculpted a 4ft Jesus and was wondering if you would like to borrow Jesus for the passion play.. Do check it out http://youtu.be/Pr664RRWTpo

  • Mamaspizzas

    Do you have a name you can contact?

  • Danielart26

    are you going to put the t.shirt on sell the one micheal sheen wore on tv the one with port talbot on it . Inow a lot of people who would like to buy one . o can you let me know where i can get them. Thanks for you time.

  • http://twitter.com/mongogushi Mongo Gushi

    i would buy one.

  • Mazziemo

    this is fab! I can’t wait now to come to Port Talbot this Easter! I do hope the t shirts go on sale

  • Follower
  • Nathanded

    If you click on Audience information pages & location maps – it’s all there. Not too late, there is free audience viewing – not too be missed

  • Ingrid Bousquet

    Photo by Ingrid Bousquet. http://www.porttalbotmagnet.com

  • http://www.lynnerees.com Lynne Rees

    Just wanted to say what an amazing project you have going here, and only wish I was back on Sandfields Estate this weekend to be part of the Town. I feel so proud of you… and I don’t even know any of you!

  • Alan Aprobert

    I would like to thank you very much for your excellent work. Two of my (grown up) children have come down from Lancashire to see the play, but I have had to stay here and work. It is great watching each section of the event unfold and your work has a definite edge to it. Brilliant!

  • Kiley

    Hi, We are watching the events unfold from Ottawa Canada, It is nice to see something positive coming out of PT instead of smoke. Keep up the good work.

    P.S I believe the PILOT bit, but the SEMI PRO POKER PLAYER is a step TOO FAR.

  • http://twitter.com/mongogushi Mongo Gushi

    Brilliant coverage before, throughout and after.
    You ensured i didn’t miss anything.

  • resist@allcosts.com

    This team was fantastic and deserve all the plaudits… Thank you everyone for the sterling effort in covering the story from start to finish and beyond. Your PASSION was unbounded

  • MorMunyddDragon

    Well done to you all for a fantastic multimedia experience

  • Marc Heatley

    It was a genuine privilege.

  • Fraser

    I would second that :o )

  • Sandra

    Thank you guys for sharing all this videos, photos and comments at this site about The Passion. With out your efforts it would be impossible for me and other people abroad to get moved by this gorgeous project.
    Thank you for sharing your PASSION with us.
    Hugs and kisses from Mexico City.

  • http://twitter.com/mongogushi Mongo Gushi

    if you didnt already know – For those who missed it, a 2-prt doc Passion in Port Talbot is on 29 May on BBC1 Wales then on iPlayer

  • http://twitter.com/WelshBiddy Ruth Baker

    Thank you all for your hard work helping to make the weekend as totally awesome as it was.

  • BlownAway

    Thank you team port-talbot.com for the spot on coverage and fantastic website

  • http://tombeardshaw.com/michael-sheens-the-passion-the-transmedia-dimension/ Michael Sheen’s The Passion of Port Talbot – the Transmedia dimension

    [...] Friday 22nd April in Port Talbot, we assembled a team to cover the show, with a basic understanding of how and where the show would unfold, a lot of [...]

  • Steve

    what a wonderful weekend full of emotion. Great cover of the passion More photo’s on http://www.snapshotwales.com

  • Jacob

    how do you improve the enviroment  

  • Passion

    Wow – I am wearing mine to the Film launch!!

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