From the beginning…

To follow the full online story of The Passion of Port Talbot, with videos, photos, writing, comments, social media links, start at IT HAS BEGUN and use the ‘NEXT POST’ link at the bottom of each page to browse through.

Video playlist:

  • Michael Sheen’s The Passion – the Transmedia dimension

    [...] delivering 77,421 pages in total, and it continues to receive visits as people look to look at the story from the beginning. The site itself received 2440 Facebook likes, 742 Tweets and 335 comments, while the show itself [...]

  • jmdavies

    If you enjoyed Michael Sheen’s – The Passion – you may like to listen to a a song I wrote which was influenced by it – “The Passion is The Word” – written and performed by Jon Davies and produced by Vince Brennan of Motropolis Studios in London. To listen please visit or

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